Frequently Asked Questions

To serve you better, we've assembled a list of our customers' most frequently asked questions. If you don't find your answer here, feel free to contact us.

What happens if I forget and pay my bill late?
Your bill must be paid in accordance with the information on the billing statement.  Payments are due upon receipt.  Any payments received after the LATE DATE as identified on your statement are considered delinquent and subject to a 5% late fee on the unpaid balance of the bill. Should you become delinquent for 2 billing cycles, your water will be shut off, along with a $75 fee.  In order to turn the water back on,  you will be required to pay the amount due in full and will also be charged a $80 fee to turn the water back on.

I requested my bills be emailed to my email address.  I received one but not others. What happened?  First of all - check your SPAM folder.  Sometimes if our address is not saved as recognized address, your provider may send it to SPAM. Some providers, when you move the email back to your INBOX, will then recognize it from then on.   Check with your internet service provider's recommendations on the procedures to follow.  Many patrons had received several bills and then ran into this.  If you are still having issues, feel free to call the office to verify what email we have in the system for you.

How can I request my bills be emailed to me?  Call the Office at 913-758-0488.  RWD5 would be happy to add you to our email billing list.  It saves us postage/mailing expenses AND you get your bills days before those who request it by regular mail.

How do I report a possible water break?
Contact the RWD#5.  Please call our operator, Tim Goetz, at 913-704-5899.

How could I have used this much water?
You could possibly have a leaky toilet or faucet that's difficult to detect.  A 1/16-inch opening in your faucet, could waste 100 gallons a day. Tour your home monthly, inside and out, in search of dripping faucets, showerheads, hoses, and sprinklers.    Below are some suggestions and videos to help spot those leaks by EPA, as well as a helpful detect/chase leaks checklist handout from EPA.

What do I do if I am experiencing low pressure?
Check your meter and the surrounding area for possible leaks. Turn off all water usage in the house and check your meter to see if it is still running. Then, if there are no issues within your home, call our office and report low pressure for your area.

Why is my water discolored?
A repair could have been completed recently allowing air to enter the line, causing the milky look.

My water tastes, looks, and smells funny. Is it safe to drink?
All public water systems are required to maintain a minimum chlorine level of 0.2 mg/L (tested at the end of each line) by state law. Systems that use chloramine as a disinfectant must maintain a level of 0.5 mg/L by state law. Our disinfectant levels are tested daily to ensure safety.

Why does debris come out of the faucet when running hot water?
Most likely your water heater needs to be flushed. CAUTION: Most manufacturers recommend hiring a professional to flush your water heater. If you plan on doing this yourself, read the owner's manual to keep from being hurt and or damaging the water heater.


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